Abortion Doula Services


Autumn Reinhardt-Simpson is an experienced abortion doula and helps provide access to reproductive health care, including abortion care and birth control, for people around the world.

Autumn can:

  • help with travel plans including booking flights, arranging for rides, or finding the funds to travel to another city for healthcare
  • drive with you to the clinic and provide a ride home
  • provide a place to stay during your visit including a safe and comfortable place to recover
  • provide medically accurate education on the abortion process
  • accompany patients through the entire abortion process. Autumn will go with you to the clinic, help you fill out any forms, provide companionship during your wait, go with you into the procedure room if you wish and follow you into recovery. Afterwards, Autumn will take you to a safe and comfortable place to rest and recover and remain with you if you wish
  • help with childcare if you need to bring your children with you
  • provide follow up care after your abortion
  • provide anything at all necessary to empower you and make you comfortable as you seek abortion care



You can call 780-240-8524 or email Autumn at yegabortiondoula@gmail.com